Ivan Franzevich Osipovich - doctor apitherapist

The treatment method that I use excludes any chemistry. As apitherapy (apis – bee, therapy - treatment) is a treatment by diseases (poison), and bee products (honey, royal jelly, pollen and cerago, propolis, wax, larvae of wax moth, dead bees, male bee homogenate and even air of bee hive)!

Born in 1950 in the Voronovo district, Belarus. After serving in the army entered Medical Institute in Grodno, from which he graduated in 1976. After four years he worked as a surgeon in a Shchuchyn district hospital. Since 1982 and until his retirement he worked in health care institutions in Lida.

I am doing beekeeping about thirty years. As a child I watched the work of my father with the bees. Our house had a few bee colonies. I liked since childhood to work with the bees. After graduation, I bought some bee colonies, which I placed in the attic of a country house. The more I studied these interesting and cute insects, the more I wanted to know about them. In addition to studying literature and films on beekeeping, I began to visit foreign countries to study the experience of other beekeepers. This happens not only when traveling to special conferences or fairs, but also in the tourist trips. Always I find time to learn new things about bees. So it was, for example, during a trip to Israel. I learn how to deal with beekeeping in the country with a warmer climate than ours. I started my beekeeping in Dadant hives. But all the time I thought that it will be difficult to serve them with age. A few years ago, I decided to switch into a multiple-system. I did the framework 470x145 mm. And now such housing can be serves not only by older beekeeper and male, but also female.

It is interesting to observe the bees, their work, their behavior. They do not like sudden movements, noise. Bees love music, especially quiet, including classical. They seemed to dance in the apiary. Bees has the same problems as humans: crises with food problems, problems with living conditions (heat, cold, dampness, drafts, etc.), Illness, enemies.

The man has God and the Ten Commandments. If they comply, we would have lived in very different conditions. Bees have their own rules of conduct and interference in their lives is a disaster, with which they are struggling for survival.

I am a doctor, so I increasingly began to think about how we can use the bees and apiarian products for the treatment of diseases. I began to study the literature on the subject, attended the Conference on apitherapy. I learned that the West is already used as treatment the work on an apiary (occupational therapy), and bee stinging (apitherapy) can do only a doctor with special training.

Wide interest to apitherapy in recent years, especially abroad, is the fact that bee products together have a number of valuable properties - antibacterial, bio-stimulating, anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, radioprotective and others.

But to do this treatment, it was necessary to obtain additional education. In 2005 I graduated from the training courses of apitherapy in Russia on the basis of the Ryazan Medical University named afterPavlov and the Russian Research Institute of beekeeping in the city Rybnoe in the Ryazan region. Twice I was on apitherapy courses in Poland. Every year I meet with colleagues -
Apitherapists of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic. In 2013, I visited XXXXIII Apimondia Congress, which was held in the Ukraine in Kiev. I visit the exhibition Api-Expo 2013, as well as listen to some reports on apitherapy. Learning is never too late!

Now, being retired, I can devote myself to my favorite occupation. I plan to create a museum of apiculture and apitherapy. There are already interesting exhibits.

I believe that the most important thing in life is peace of mind. That's what I wish for everyone. I wish the health and well-being.

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№ 2.2014EN || Автор: Author: I.F. Osipovich - doctor apitjerapist, beekeeper P.S. My location: Belarus, Grodno region, Lida

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