Beehive therapy - the new direction in apitherapy.

The beneficial effect of animal's bio-field on the human body has been known for a long time, but it started to be applied in the practice in the large scale with the scientific substantiation of this phenomenon only recently. An examples of this: the dolphin therapy (treatment of children with autism, cerebral palsy, etc.), equine-assisted therapy (EAT), rettheraoy (treatment and diagnosis of cancer patients after acute ischemic attack by trained dogs), sedative therapy via contact with a cat. All this is a wonderful way to help people and it should be developed and maintained by official medicine. At a special place in this glorious series of human helpers stay bees.

rebral and peripheral blood circulation, hypertension, rehabilitation after myocardial infarction, improving blood rheology and lipid metabolism.
  • Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system: insomnia, multiple sclerosis, consequences of stroke, migraine, paresis, paralysis, osteochondrosis, cerebral palsy and others.
  • Endocrine diseases: hyperthyroidism, diabetes, infertility and other hormonal diseases.
  • ENT diseases and respiratory diseases: chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, adenoids, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, and others.
  • Mental illness, depression.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • In pediatric practice: cerebral palsy, developmental delay, hyperexcitability, diathesis, frequent colds, ENT-pathology, vegetative dystonia.
  • Methods.

    Health treatments of bee-hive therapy are held from 40-45 minutes to 2 hours, but at least 30 minutes. It is recommended for patients to sleep the whole night in the house of hives if he endures it well. Sessions are conducted daily or every other day at any time of the year, but the most effective - from April to October. Minimum session number is 10 to 20.

    The patient lies down on the bench (hive) on the back, legs bent at the knees, feet fit snugly to the surface of the hive. Hands are placed along the body, palms down. It is better to use a roller under the head to sleep. It should be remembered that all procedures in the house are released in natural clothes.


    The only contraindication is the idiosyncrasy of bee products.

    For patients with paroxysmal forms of atrial fibrillation and tachycardia procedures are carried out for 30-40 minutes a day.

    It should be remembered that the number of procedures of bee-hive therapy is always picks by apitherapist.

    In conclusion, once again I want to remind you that the hive-therapy is a therapeutic and preventive method that gives the opportunity to rebuild the life potential and health in a natural way. It's great to feel like a member of a large buzzing team without the risk of being not recognized! The only condition is no negative thoughts, total relaxation and welcome to our hospitable house!

    The renewal and rejuvenation effect is guaranteed.

    "... And once again the road will call you,

    And you comprehend the happiness on earth,

    And in this bright moment you behold the God

    In the clouds, and in the sun and in the bee ... "

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    №1 Author: Yu. Solodenko, I. Solodenko, Odessa National Medical University

    № 1.2013EN || Автор: Yu. Solodenko, I. Solodenko, Odessa National Medical University

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