The origins of human communication with the honey bee go back to antiquity. According to the extant rock paintings, some methods of bee colonies management were possessed by human no later than 7 thousand years ago. However, the bee did not become domestic as it applies to domestic animals and birds. [1]
№ 1.2013EN // 20.08.2016 / Автор: Masliy Irina, Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Head deputy of Laboratory of bee diseases, Nemkova Svetlana, Candidate of Biological Sciences, National Research Center
( Apitherapy of longevity)

Beehive therapy - the new direction in apitherapy.

The beneficial effect of animal's bio-field on the human body has been known for a long time, but it started to be applied in the practice in the large scale with the scientific substantiation of this phenomenon only recently. An examples of this: the dolphin therapy (treatment of children with autism, cerebral palsy, etc.), equine-assisted therapy (EAT), rettheraoy (treatment and diagnosis of cancer patients after acute ischemic attack by...
№ 1.2013EN // 13.08.2016 / Автор: Yu. Solodenko, I. Solodenko, Odessa National Medical University
( Education and science)

Apitherapy in Ukraine - forward to the past!..

Apitherapy (apis – bee) in beekeeping of Ukraine confidently occupies one of the leading position in the industry. This is evidenced by the increasing interest of consumers of honey products. Apitherapeutics can offer a wide range of bee products for restoration of body functions and its recovery. Sometimes bright and quick action of apipreparations surprises beekeepers themselves!
№ 1.2013EN // 13.08.2016 / Автор: Tatyana Chukhray - beekeeper with 27 - year practice, consultant of apitherapy, Head of apibiotic Department of APAK, a member of the International Congress Apimondia 2009 France, Montpellier; member of the European Congress
( The history of apitherapy)

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