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We have the prospects in improvement of people’s health by beecomplexes!

The international congress of beekeepers "Apimondia" 2013, which was held in Kyiv, paid itself off only in part. But it clearly showed that the Ukrainian authorities did not react to the event! And it was one of the reasons that most of the beekeepers of the country did not take part in it! And in vain, because such forums are designed to move our noble cause, to promote beekeeping in the society in general and apitherapy in...
№ 2.2014EN / 15.09.2016 / Автор: Author: Yarovoy Nicholay
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Ivan Franzevich Osipovich - doctor apitherapist

The treatment method that I use excludes any chemistry. As apitherapy (apis – bee, therapy - treatment) is a treatment by diseases (poison), and bee products (honey, royal jelly, pollen and cerago, propolis, wax, larvae of wax moth, dead bees, male bee homogenate and even air of bee hive)!
№ 2.2014EN / 15.09.2016 / Автор: Author: I.F. Osipovich - doctor apitjerapist, beekeeper P.S. My location: Belarus, Grodno region, Lida
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One who is a friend of bee finds the wisdom

Grooming bees, people noticed that after bee stinging increases the vitality; arises a burst of energy; the mood improves; the expression of many diseases reduces. Many thinkers of all time paid great attention to reasoning the effect of beeproducts on the human body. Democritus, in particular, wrote, explaining his longevity: "One who is a friend of bee finds the wisdom"
№ 1.2013EN / 15.09.2016 / Автор: Author: Mychola Ulyanych, honorary apiterapist of Ukraine, writer, Honored Journalist of Ukraine, Academician of UAS.
( Apitherapy of longevity)

The use of apitherapy in the treatment of multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is slowly floating neuroinfection, during which the sluggish inflammatory process gradually leads to the destruction of the myelin sheath of nerves. As a result the flow of impulses from nerve centers to the periphery is deteriorating, because of this paralysis and disorders of functions of various organs develop.
№ 1.2013EN / 15.09.2016 / Автор: Author: Fedir Annenkov doctor apitherapist.
( The history of apitherapy)

Beeproducts and their potential use in modern medicine

Medical use of beeproducts, especially honey can be traced back for thousands of years in ancient times in Egypt, Greece and China. Medicinal properties and nutritional benefits described in many religious texts including the Vedas, the Bible and the Koran.
№ 1.2013EN / 15.09.2016 / Автор: Автор: Karsten Münstedt і Stefan Bogdanov
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