Kitchen of longevity

Drink with cranberry and honey. Sort out cranberries, wash it, mash with a wooden spoon in an enamel bowl, squeeze the juice and put in the cold. Obtained scrap pour by hot water, boil for 5-10 minutes, drain. In the broth add the honey to dissolve it, pour the squeezed juice, and stir. The resulting drink gets cool. On 1 liter of water - 130 g cranberries, honey - 75 g.

Honey in cooking

Beekeeping products in cooking have been widely used. They improve the taste of certain foods. According to CMS M. M. Frenkel, the use of honey in cooking reduces the caloric content of certain foods that is important for people suffering from obesity, diabetes, children, who often have a negative attitude to the consumption of honey in its purest form

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