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Honey as medicine had already been mentioned in the year 2700 BC

It is difficult to say when ancient people moved from harvesting the honey to beekeeping, but archaeological evidence confirms that 6000 years ago in Egypt home bees were bred. Especially honey areas were in the upper reaches of the Nile. Egyptians had transported there their hives - baskets of straw or reeds, or even pottery - in large wicker rafts, to return home after a while with a rich collection of honey. Symbolic image of bee adorned royal emblem during the life of Pharaoh and after his death - adorned his tomb. In ancient Egypt all Egyptian pharaohs wore the title "Lord of the bees."

№ [row:Номер] - The history of apitherapy
Author: Author: Zoya Makarchuk.

Public organization

Creating of apipreparations in Ukraine is one of the strategic lines of beekeeping. Conferences, congresses, symposiums on apitherapy always served as a pretext for extensive dialogues on the special beekeeping, medical, pharmaceutical topics. And they always evoked a wide response in the ranks of the participants and interested people for whom these industries and their questions are the subject ...

№ 2.2014EN - The history of apitherapy - Author: Author: A. I. Tikhonov, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Honored Figure of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, Honorary Professor at the National University of Pharmacy (National University of Pharmacy, Kharkov), President of the NGO

The patriarch of native apitherapy

In such a manner with respect colleagues always talked about the famous doctor Boris Alexandrovich Okhotskyi. In such a manner they talk about him and now when recall him and his lessons.

№ 3.2014EN - The history of apitherapy - Author: Author: Olexander Tikhonov, the president of the Association of apitherapists of Ukraine, Yuriy Solodenko, Vice-President of of the Association of apitherapists of Ukrain

The use of apitherapy in the treatment of multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is slowly floating neuroinfection, during which the sluggish inflammatory process gradually leads to the destruction of the myelin sheath of nerves. As a result the flow of impulses from nerve centers to the periphery is deteriorating, because of this paralysis and disorders of functions of various organs develop.

№ 1.2013EN - The history of apitherapy - Author: Author: Fedir Annenkov doctor apitherapist.

Apitherapy yesterday and today …

Dr. Tertz born on 30 March 1844, in Prapořištĕ (former Braunpusch), in a tiny village of the Czech region of Bohemia. In that time Bohemia was a part of Austria and from 1867 to 1918 - the Austro-Hungarian Empire..

Apitherapy in Ukraine - forward to the past!..

Apitherapy (apis – bee) in beekeeping of Ukraine confidently occupies one of the leading position in the industry. This is evidenced by the increasing interest of consumers of honey products. Apitherapeutics can offer a wide range of bee products for restoration of body functions and its recovery. Sometimes bright and quick action of apipreparations surprises beekeepers themselves!
№ 1.2013EN - The history of apitherapy - Author: Tatyana Chukhray - beekeeper with 27 - year practice, consultant of apitherapy, Head of apibiotic Department of APAK, a member of the International Congress Apimondia 2009 France, Montpellier; member of the European Congress

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