Drone brood

Drone brood (drone milk or homogenates of drone brood) is a relatively new bee product for using, but this natural product was used in an ancient times in China and Greece.

Drone brood is the eggs layed in cell drones that are slightly larger than bee's eggs in volume. Open drone brood is easy to distinguish from the bee's one: drone larvae are much larger; closed has the bulging lids. Sometimes the queen lays unfertilized eggs in the bee cells and seals them by bulging lids (humpback brood).

Chemical composition:

Drone homogenate contains: proteins 10-20%; carbohydrates 1-5,5%; fat 5-6,3%; amino 11,4% (a large number of essential amino acids: lysine - 8,2%, tryptophan - 2%, histidine - 3,3% and so on); glucose - 3,16-5%; fructose, sucrose and 0,5%.

Among lipid fatty acids there are 10%, saturated - 45%, monosaturated - 27.5%. Trace (mg /%): K - 0.50; Na - 38; Ca - 14; P - 199; Mg - 2; Fe - 3,23; Mn - 4,40; Zn - 5,54; Cu - 2; Cr, Co, Ni, Ag, Au and others.

Water soluble and fat soluble vitamins (IU /g): A - 0.54; E, B1, B2, B3, B6. Organic acids (16 general and 21 free) and amino acids, enzymes and so on. The content of vitamin D in drone jelly is larger than even in the fish oil. Homogenate has about 73% of water, and its pH is 6,5 +/- 0,29.

For therapeutic purposes drone homogenate is used in pure form, as an alcohol tincture, in candles and mixed with honey.

Diseases of the endocrine system.
Dishormonal abuse (in cases of female and male infertility, ovarian dysfunction, impotence).
Age-related changes (for rejuvenation).
Mental illness (neurosis, depressions).
Digestive dysfunction.
Infectious-allergic diseases.
Skin diseases (eczema, fungal diseases).
For improving the immunity.
In case of protein and carbohydrate metabolism violation.
In case of reduction of the mental and physical abilities.
In case of spinal diseases and some types of arthritis.
Benign tumor (lipoma, fibroma, mastitis.
In case of some eye diseases.
Cosmetic practice.

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