№1c.2015 (Special) Eng

The 5th Congress of the apitherapists and apiconsultants of Ukraine: remembrances about the future

On 15-16 October in Kyiv was held the 5th Congress of the apitherapists and apiconsultants. The forum aroused great interest of foreign guests. The specialists in the field of medicine, pharmacy, apitherapy, beekeeping from twelve countries took part in its work. This is not surprising. Ukraine this year confidently took the first place in Europe for the production of ...

Making of apidrugs in Ukraine is one of strategic directions of the industry of pharmacy and beekeeping.

Bee products – natural source of available domestic raw materials for production of cosmetic apiproducts. Objects of research: propolis, honey, wax, pollen, bee venom, Royal jelly, drone brood. Bee products with vegetable raw materials: biomass large of bee moth.

№ 1c ENG - Інші - Автор: A. I. TIKHONOV, Laureate of the State Prize Of Ukraine in science and technology, Honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine, Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, doctor of pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor of NPhaU

The healing power of bee products

Healing power of bee products have long been appreciated on all continents. If to speak about apitherapy, this is a space where alternative medicine overlaps with official and do not contradict each other. Favor of products from the apiary world acknowledges, and the value of bees in the life cycle of the planet determines. It is a guide to life extension for the plant...

№ 1c ENG - Інші - Автор: Taras KUTOVOY, Chairman of Agrarian Policy and Land Relations Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Coordinates of national and alternative medicine in the health care system

Treat not the disease but the patient

To implement this slogan in modern medicine has not been able – too a long time we "shared" the problems of the patient between separate fields and professions and this trend continues. In the times of Hippocrates doctors have used all known methods, and the skill of th...

№ 1c ENG - Інші - Автор: atiana GARNIK, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, chief supernumerary specialist of Ministry of health protection of Ukraine

Expansion of the resource base of beekeeping for production and instullation of drugs of apitherapy

The resource base of beekeeping in the Ukraine, as never before, is rich in species composition of obtaining from apiaries products and biotech quality assurance and directions of the complex use of bee families potential. In the history of development of the industry complex production line in natural and economic conditions of our country has become dominant for most...

№ 1c ENG - Інші - Автор: V. P. POLISHCHUK Professor HOLOVETSKY I. I. associate Professor of beekeeping NUBRandNU of Ukraine

Joint efforts we will succeed

Ukraine is one of the world leaders in the production and export of natural honey. «Sandetski Bartnick» and SLR "Bartnick" – the leading companies on the Polish and Ukrainian markets of honey.

We facilitate the establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation between beekeepers and companies of Ukraine ...

№ 1c ENG - Інші - Автор: Janusz KASZTELEWITCH, President of the Professional Beekeepers of Poland, President of «Sąndetski Bartnick»

Effective direction of alternative medicine

The report summarized the history of subpestilence use for several millennia. Considering the requests of many beekeepers, author described in detail how to properly harvest, store and use subpestilence, dwell on the mechanism of action, indications and contraindications. And also gave practical recommendations of the improvement of patients with hypertension, hemorrho...

№ 1c ENG - Інші - Автор: Yu. SOLODENKO, Vice-President of the Association of apitherapists, candidate of medical Sciences

Association of TURKEY apitherapists is interested in cooperation with Ukrainian colleagues

Apitherapists Association of Turkey was established in 2010. Members of the Association until last year were only Turkish doctors. However, it was decided to accept members from such areas as food engineering, dietology, etc. Honorary President of the Association is Professor Fang Zhu, known all over the world Chinese apitherapist. Chairman of the Association is Dr. Al...

№ 1c ENG - Інші - Автор: Gokhan AYDOGDU, Doctor of Alternative medicine, The President of the Association of Alternative medicine, Vice-President Turkey Association of apitherapists Ali Timucin ATAYOGLU, The President of Turkey Association of apitherapists, President of Turkey Healers Association, Professor of Medical University of Istanbul, Department of Family Medicine

The future of apitherapy and alternative methods of treatment in UAE

The United Arab Emirates have this health care system we could be proud of. Despite the fact that it was built in the country for only 50 years. The health care system of the UAE is divided into public and private health care. The state hospitals provide to all citizens of the UAE medical services free of charge. Present extensive network of private medical institution...

№ 1c ENG - Інші - Автор: Mr. KHALID, Deputy Minister of Environment and water Resources of UAE

Experience of new approaches in treatment of infertility with use of bee venom.

Exactly here bee venom has its relevance and effectiveness. The action of bee venom significantly helped to strengthen of female reproductive system, reducing inflammation and acting as a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial component. Thus, making it ready for normal function. No need to treat the symptoms, do not need medication, not surgical intervention.

№ 1c ENG - Інші - Автор: Dr. W. Ajoy KURUP, The candidate of medical Sciences, has developed a unique technology of infertility treatment (India)
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